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I’m ex-Google, ex-Square and ex-failed startup product lead who enjoys advising startup founders, including those who are non-technical or aren't quite ready to make their first product hire. As a "fractional PM", I’ve helped pre-seed, pre-product startups accelerate and achieve critical milestones, whether it was to raise capital, get into an accelerator, hire a team, or ship an MVPI've also worked with larger companies helping their internal skunkworks teams move more quickly. If you're interested in working together, let's chat.




"Will was a wonderful asset to our early-stage startup. There are loads I don't know, you don't know, and when I asked Will for help he gave me sound researched advice, taught me about the things I didn't know about PM'ing and did it in a way that helped Kilo launch its first version of the app on the Apple App Store. Mahalo, Will."

 - Amanda Bender, CEO at Kilo

"Will has been instrumental in helping my start up get off the ground by providing extensive guidance on the tools and processes needed to launch our product. While Will's expertise has been helpful to our team, what really sticks out about Will is his desire to make sure the business and his team members succeed. Will has went over and beyond to ensure our team successfully hits every deadline with quality results while providing mentorship to other team members interested in learning about product. Finally, what I appreciate the most about Will is his ability to continuously identify new product opportunities that improves how we serve our users and helps our organization grow."

 - Stephanie Wethington, GM at Trust20

"Will is a terrific Product leader and an amazing mentor. He truly works to help people and motivates everyone around him. His understanding of product management and insights about the industry helped me start a career in Product. Working with Will is an absolute delight." 

 - Jigar Shah, PM at Addepar

"Will is a very experienced product advisor. He's impressively efficient, well structured and has a great ability to help a product team grow rapidly. Not only has he a strategic mindset but he also knows when to get hands-on, which makes his contribution very relevant at multiple parts of the process. It's also pleasure to work with Will." 

- Emile Ledure, Designer

  • Gated PM Consultant 3/21 - Present

  • Relish Works Consultant 3/21 - Present

  • Kilo Advisor 3/21 - 6/21

  • Advisor 10/19 - 4/21

  • Compoundly Advisor 5/20 - 12/20

  • Product School Speaker 7.19

  • Inamoto & Co. VP of Product 10.16 - 12.18

  • Square Product Manager 2.13 - 9.16

  • YouTube Product Manager 8.12 - 1.13

  • YouTube Global Product Specialist 10.10 - 1.13

  • Google Analytical Lead & Account Manager 7.08 - 10.10


Is Google Asleep? The last great product Google released was…honestly I have no idea, how this threatens the company, and why this should worry all of us.


Are you a non-technical founder? Here are 3 ways you can still build your MVP, along with some of the pros and cons of each approach.

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