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As a screenwriter, I try to tell stories others aren't, to reveal truth in a world surrounded by lies, to find comedy even in grief. I love creating a connection between the audience and characters - giving them new friends or enemies, and making them wonder again and again what will happen next. I love writing stories that inspire us to move through the world with more empathy, and challenge us to be better than we already are.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of my favorite TV shows. After Season 2 ended, I couldn't wait for it to restart, so I wrote a spec script instead. Want to know what I think happens to Midge and the gang? Email me and I'll send it your way.

Tuggit is an infomercial for an "app" that measures exactly what you'd think it does. Tuggit also tries to make us think harder about how little privacy we still have left. I produced, wrote, casted, edited, and did the voice over. Enjoy more at

Finalist - Houston Comedy Film Festival
Finalist - Portland Comedy Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Short Com Internati
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Ride Share is a new web series from producer Nathan Marcus (VICE) that explores complex social interactions in NYC. Each episode features new characters trying to get where they want to go - both across town in and life.

When I worked at Google, I made this sketch to lampoon the fashion quotient of the NY office. It went viral (internally anyway) and was later shown to every new hire worldwide for years despite being completely irrelevant. Directed by Ballard Boyd, now a segment director & field producer at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Password = google

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